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Answers in Genesis - Creation Museum

Many First Farm Inn guests enjoy several relaxing days and a full country breakfast with a visit to Answers in Genesis. Just two miles from the creation museum, we offer B & B guests a discount on the entrance tickets. Bring the whole family, add horseback rides, a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo, a day at the Cincinnati Museum Center and more with discounted tickets. The Treetops room fills up quickly so call as far ahead as possible to make your reservation.

First Farm Inn 3rd Sunday Antiquing Weekend (Adults)
  1. Get up as early as you dare (from 5 a.m. on) and search for bargains at the Burlington Antique Show at the fairgrounds on Idlewild Rd. (Ky. 338), (3rd Sunday May-Oct.) or the Lawrenceburg Antique Show at the fairgrounds just off IN 50 (first Sunday May - Oct.)
  2. Return for a great breakfast at 9 (or enjoy the breakfast picnic you’ve brought with you from First Farm Inn) then visit the Historic Burlington Merchants (Cabin Arts, Burlington Antiques) near the intersection of Idlewild Rd. and Ky. 18).
  3. Go West on Ky. 18 to see Dinsmore Homestead 9-5 May-Oct.
  4. Continue West on 18 to Rabbit Hash Hill Rd. Follow it into Rabbit Hash. Visit the 1830s General Store, the log cabin museum (open when volunteers are available) and play with Lucy Lou, the canine Mayor.
  5. Continue South along 338/42 to Mall Road turn left or North. Turn left into the parking lot of Florence Antique Mall. (Open 10-6 Tues-Fri. 10-8 Sat. 12-6 Sun.)
First Farm Inn Active Getaway
(Adults or families with elementary or older kids)
  1. Arrive at First Farm Inn after the 3 p.m. check in. Unpack, get your bearings and head to Southern Indiana for dinner -- Go to Riverwatch Restaurant and sit on a floating barge to eat, play cornhole outside along the river at Applewood Restaurant in Aurora, enjoy cheap tasty Mexican food at Acapulco’s or watch your waiter's antics at Sakura Japanese stir-fry along IN 50.
  2. Put the kids in front of a video in your room, open a bottle of wine (corkscrew in the desk drawer) and swing or rock on the porch or in the yard with your sweetie.
  3. After a big breakfast, ride horses with Jen. (Groups are limited to 5.)
  4. Check out one of the Southern Indiana restaurants you bypassed the evening before.
  5. Tour Hillforest Mansion in Aurora, IN. This spectacular hilltop house was built so that this wealthy Scot could look up and down the river to oversee deliveries coming to his distilleries. The children's rooms include vintage toys and furniture. Be sure to go up into the tower, since you won't be wearing hoopskirts.
  6. Come back across the river and take a scenic drive to Dinsmore Homestead where you can learn about this homestead run by five generations of well educated and well connected women. Hike up to the cemetery. Hike Middle Creek Park across the road.
  7. Continue West on 18 to Rabbit Hash Hill Rd. Follow it into Rabbit Hash. Visit the 1830s General Store, the Treasure Hutch, the log cabin museum (open when volunteers are available.)
  8. Keep going south east to Big Bone Lick State Park where you can visit a bison herd, hike a nature trail, play on the great new playground equipment and visit the small museum (if you arrive before 4:30 p.m.)
  9. Keep going East into Florence and you'll find a huge assortment of familiar chain restaurants and fast food -- or stay on I-75 N to Buttermilk Pike and try one of the ethnic restaurants in the Buttermilk Crossing strip center in Crescent Springs: Outback Steakhouse, Guru India, Thai, Cancun Mexican, crepes, sandwiches, yogurt and more.
First Farm Inn Shoppers Getaway
  1. After a big breakfast, head back East on I-275 to the Hebron Exit, then North to the Gap Outlet Center (second light on your left) where you can dig for bargains in women’s, men’s, children’s and baby clothes.
  2. Back on North Bend Road, go south, past the interstate and the fire station to the Gallerie of Chocolate outlet on your right. It’s in the middle of the factory building with a big purple banner. (Closed Sun. & Mon.)
  3. Follow North Bend or 237 to the intersection of KY 18. Turn right and follow 18 into Burlington.
  4. 9 a.m.- 5p.m. most days, visit the Historic Burlington Merchants (Cabin Arts quilt shop, Burlington Antiques)
  5. Turn left on KY 18 and follow it to Mall Road where you can turn south or right to get to the Florence Antique Mall as well as mall and strip shopping.
First Farm Inn Quiet Quilter’s Getaway
  1. Get up to six fellow quilters together for a couple days of reveling in your art. Book your stay with First Farm Inn where you can set up sewing machines, use our irons and ironing boards and sew all day or night.
  2. Take some time off to shop Cabin Arts in Historic Burlington to stock up on fabulous supplies and get lots of inspiration. (Eat at the Little Place, Tousey House or the sandwich shop while you’re there. Stop by Burlington Antiques to pick up some well used quilts for your collection. Visit Dinsmore Homestead to see historic linens in use and head on down scenic Route 18 to Rabbit Hash General Store to look some more.
  3. Get back on I-275 and head West to Indiana. Take the Lawrenceburg Exit, then turn left or south on IN 50 and follow it to Aurora and the Quilt Bug shop along the river across from Applewood Restaurant there.
  4. The next day stop by Florence Antique Mall then continue south on I-75 to Dry Ridge and shop the big quilt shop there.
First Farm Inn River Adventure
  1. After a big First Farm Inn breakfast, start your tour of Western Boone County’s 40 miles of riverfront (the most riverfront of any county in the U.S.) Turn right at the end of Stevens Road on KY 20, follow the river. The road will fork with KY 18, stay right along the river.
  2. Stop at The Store in Belleview if you need a soda or go on to Rabbit Hash 1830s General Store.
  3. Get back on KY 338, pass the 1880s vintage East Bend Baptist Church and continue following along the river, turning South or right on KY 42/127. Stay on 42. Note the Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn at the county line.
  4. Follow signs to the Markland Dam. Go North across the dam. Stop at the towering Belterra Casino for a break.
  5. Continue North following the river to Rising Sun, IN. (Here is also the Rising Star Casino, which was an old riverboat.) Stop in at the shops and restaurants on the renovated riverfront or continue on to Aurora, IN where small town ambiance also abounds. Visit Third and Main or Applewood Restaurant.
  6. If you haven’t eaten by the time you get to Lawrenceburg, turn left just past the high school on IN 50 and enjoy wonderful Mexican food at Acapulco’s just three blocks off the main road. (There is a great Chinese buffet right next to the Kroger’s as well.) Or head to the riverfront in Lawrenceburg. Riverwatch is a floating barge actually on the river and there is a Thai restaurant a block away.
  7. Back on I-275 to cross the river and return to First Farm Inn.
Explore History
(Adults or families with well-behaved elementary or older kids)
Northern Route
  1. Visit the 200+year old Bullitsville Baptist Church, right under I-275 at the Petersburg Exit North. Be sure to walk down the stone steps to the keyhole-shaped baptismal pool as well as hike around to the other side to see the stone crypt near the cemetery and the creek.
  2. Take I-275 East to the Hebron Exit North and follow KY 8 where you can pick your own or select fruit from the stands at McGlassons Orchards along the Ohio River bottoms.
  3. Follow KY 8 East to Constance and take the Anderson Ferry across the river. $3 per car.
  4. Stop in at the Cincinnati Museum Center, the old train station. Don’t miss the prehistoric ice cave in the natural history section where you will see a recreation of the Giant Ground Sloth which was identified by President Thomas Jefferson from bones collected at Big Bone Lick and taken to the White House.
  5. Coming back across the river, stop in at Covington’s MainStrauss Village for dinner at Chez Nora or De Felice.
Southern Boone
  1. Take KY 20 SW. The big white house near the road on the right is the George W. Terrill House built in 1865 to compete with his brother-in-law’s house on top the hill to the left. The J.C. Jenkins house was built in 1860 and recently renovated. Both are private homes.
  2. Continue into Petersburg. Go straight at the stop sign and you will see the old Opera House on your right.
  3. Continue through Belleview, then turn right on KY 18 and stop at Dinsmore Homestead for a tour of this 1840s homestead run by five generations of women. (May-Oct.)
  4. Leaving Dinsmore, go West on KY18. Turn left as it merges into KY 20 and follow the signs to Rabbit Hash, where the 1830s vintage general store offers an eclectic assortment of snacks, gifts, antiques and artwork. Across the street is Riverside Stoneworks where proprietor Richard Young occasionally chisels stone outdoors. The Barn often holds musical activities and sells fun souvenirs when it’s open.
  5. You can retrace your route back to KY 18 and visit or have dinner in Burlington or keep heading south and stop at Big Bone Lick State Park. A mile-long hiking trail, dioramas of mammoths and mastodons and a small buffalo herd offer interesting viewing.
  6. From Big Bone Lick, follow 338 back to I-275 and the city of Florence.
2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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