First Farm Inn
A Kentucky Bed and Breakfast for People and Horses
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First Farm Inn - A Kentucky Bed and Breakfast for People and Horses

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Thinking about buying a horse?
Gathering around the water cooler.
There's more to it than you think. Ninety percent of horses that trade hands are sold again that same year. Make sure you know what to expect. Invest in knowledge before you stock up on tack and feed! You'll ride different breeds and personalities of horses each day and can try different styles of tack if you'd like.

  • Feeding
  • Identifying Hay
  • Feed Storage
  • Tack
  • Riding Styles
  • Health care
  • Horse safety
  • Hoof care
  • First aid kit
  • Buying tips
  • Herd hierarchy
  • Prey animal behavior
  • Fencing options
  • Breed & sex differences
  • Vet selection
  • Financial considerations
Horsey salad bar.
Available Mon.- Wed. includes lodging, breakfast, rides, plus special intoduction to details of horse ownership: Two days with two special riding and education sessions: $406 1870s room, $424 Treetops. Three days with three riding sessions $596 1870s room, $641 Treetops.