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Traveling with Pets?

We love our animals and want to help you enjoy yours and Pets are welcome at First Farm Inn - but we do ask that you be responsible about traveling with your pets. spend time with them. We have a 60 pound limit for dogs. Otherwise if your pet will get along with our dog, horses and cats, you are welcome to bring well mannered pets that will not jump on the beds or furniture. Cage-trained dogs do fine. There is a $25 additional charge per day per pet.

We encourage and offer discounts for older animals adopted from rescues and are happy to broaden the horizons of rescue dogs being trained as service animals.

Pet-owning guests at First Farm Inn, agree:
  • To never leave my pet unattended in my guest room or anywhere on the inn's premises. (Should you need a pet sitter, please ask us.)
  • To always have my pet on a leash when on the premises of the inn and outside my guest room.
  • That my pet is well-behaved and will not disturb other guests.
  • That my pet is house-broken.
  • To be responsible for any and all damage caused by my pet.
  • That First Farm Inn is authorized to charge any and all expenses to my credit card for any damage caused by my pet.
  • To clean up after my pet at all times (using my own towels/linens and never the inn's towels/linens to do this).
  • To never allow my pet to use the bedding for any reason at any time. I agree to pay cleaning charges if necessary.
  • To pay a $25 per day charge for each pet I bring with me.

Love critters but don’t travel with them? Visit with ours.

The canine addition to our animal family - Odo.
(That's Odo as in the Star Trek Constable from Deep Space Nine, Not Odie - Garfield's companion.)

Odo is such a soccer dog, he brings his ball to anyone who will kick it for him...We should have named him Pele.... Rescued from an abusive home, Odo came to us at two in Sept. 2009 cowering and expecting to be kicked if a voice was raised. Tatiana calls him a Catdog because he likes to curl up in chairs just like a cat.

An affectionate and happy dog - Odo has several balls to play with in various shapes and colors. Finding them, around the yard or down the hill at the edge of the woods, can sometimes be a little challenging.

Cats are like potato chips - no one can have just one!

Our cats are all neutered and we encourage everyone everywhere to do likewise. Some walked in on their own paws, others came from shelters. Even if you feel like you can’t afford to pay to have a cat or kitten neutered, please call your local shelter. Often they have connections that can get you a discounted neutering for as little as $15.   In no particular order, they are:

Quark and Xavier - showed up on their own in 2010. Working in the barn in August, Dana heard a rasping sound from behind the water tank and there was yet another black cat, probably eight-weeks old. He didn't sound like a kitten then, but after food and water his rasping turned into more of a yowl. Quark (after the odd little ugly creature on Star Trek Deep Space Nine who annoys everyone) perfectly fits his name.

His rough coat earned him the moniker "Ratty Katty," though a balanced diet has improved it considerably. He’ll never be as soft and silky as his "sister" Yoda – The Velvet Girl. While he bounces, very Tigger-like to play with any and everything, if he's cold or tired he can turn into a sweet and snuggly cat – for a little while. Twitch a toy and he'll demonstrate his jumping ability! How to tell him apart from the other black cats? He has one white whisker – at least for a while.

Xavier showed up during a Christmas party without an invitation and demanding to come inside. White with tiger spots and perfect eyeliner, he’s a great "upside down kitty" who loves everyone who pays attention to him. Tatiana dubbed him 'Xavier' within minutes, before her Dad could come up with another Star Trek name.

While we have no way of knowing, being about the same age and the way Quark and Xavier play together, they could be brothers. They are the first kitties to have dodged the coyotes to come to us in several years.

Willow - We like giving our animals significant names, often relating to their appearance or personality. While she loves attention, Willow does tend to get squirmy after being held for a few minutes. One ways she lets us know it's time to put her down is to pat us with her paw. Jen called it her 'whomp' and, having read all the Harry Potter books, we quickly decided to dub her our 'Whomping Willow.'

Yoda (a.k.a. Kodabear) came to us in March 2010 from one of Tatiana’s friends. She rescued a cat who had 7 kittens. Tatiana informed us that her name was Kodabear, but XL size ears prompted Dana to call her Yoda (as in: hmmmmm... strong the Force is with this one...)

Like Ravenpaw, she’s a black cat with a white spot on her belly. Her fur is incredibly soft and velvety.

The girls’ plan had been to leave her at another friend’s farm where there were un-neutered cats. Having taken our cats to the emergency vet after encounters with wild un-neutered toms who seem to visit every spring, Tatiana knew what would happen to her, so we added her to our family.

Even if you feel like you can’t afford to pay to have a cat or kitten neutered, please call your local shelter and ask. Often they have connections that can get you a discounted neutering for as little as $15.

... but Ravenpaw is the more intelligent.  
      Ravenpaw came to us in August 2005, along with his brother, BJ. Before that they lived in an apartment and their favorite pastime was watching TV.

While BJ was always lethargic, Ray looked more like a small panther and has become quite a hunter. He has repeatedly defended our fields and those of our neighbors from snakes, fieldmice and voles. Although Ray is quite affectionate around humans, the one thing he has trouble with is putting up with any new feline 'siblings' (you know how annoying those younger brothers and sisters can be...)

Monkey is content just about anywhere at First Farm Inn.

Monkey, a miniature gray kitty who looks like a Russian blue, was dumped on our road in 1998 along with her full-sized brother, Tiger. He soon disappeared without a trace, we assume eaten by coyotes as many small animals disappeared that spring. Although she does not to like be picked up, Monkey loves to be petted and will demonstrate her affection by drooling. If you leave your room door unlatched, she'll likely come visit you during the night.

Alex is a huge fluffy guy who actually was an alley cat in Covington before coming to live with us. A long haired tiger, he loves to be held and snuggle... for a while. He also loves to fetch his smaller toys when they are thrown across the room. While no kitty can replace Casey - the most beautiful kitty in the world (see below), we think Alex runs a close second.

Sasha - the laid back, cool cat. Sasha we think is a Tonkinese, a breed created in the '70s by crossing Burmese and Siamese to get a very affectionate cat. A two-year-old, he joined us in April 2007 after spending the terribly cold winter outside our piano teacher's house in Erlanger. She, of course, bought him a dog house, filled it with cat beds and fed him canned food multiple times a day. After we brought him home, Dana suggested we name him Wyatt because his talent was urping.
      We shampooed carpet daily for weeks until his "sensitive stomach" calmed down,  but his unceasing demands likely never will! We suspect he drove someone so nuts that they threw him out despite their investment. He yowls constantly, but is very sweet and lovey when his tummy is full.

We're getting more and more emails from guests who check our website to see their favorite animals from their visit with us. We'd been taking off photos of those who are no longer with us, but decided to let you know what happened as much as we can. When small animals disappear suddenly without a trace, we assume coyotes are the cause. Even tho we try to keep them inside at night when the coyotes usually hunt, we've lost several kitties in recent years. Each of them was healthy and neutered.

Our introduction to coyotes as predators came in about 2000. Monkey's brother Tiger, a sweet brown and black tiger kitty was dumped on the road in 1998. Knowing how many kittens are killed at pounds each spring, Jen asked the neighbor to bring them back if she didn't find their owner. A very sweet and affectionate boy, Tiger disappeared at two when we first learned the coyotes were around. The neighbor's terrier, beagle and ducks disappeared then too.

<p> kitty relaxes on a patio chair at First Farm Inn. Squeaker We lost Squeaker, who had taken up residence in the playhouse her last 5-6 years to stay safe from wild toms, to diabetes in 2013.

Tiggle - the original flower child. Tig (aka Tiggle Wiggle, aka the Nasty Cat) is a yellow-eyed brown and black tiger, who showed up on our front porch, walked through the front door and proceeded directly to the kitchen cat food bowl as guests were departing one Sunday morning in 1999. We ecstatically believed she was Monkey's brother, Tiger come home after a 9 month absence, until the vet who treated her digestive problems informed us that this was a girl kitty and that she had been neutered and declawed. So we shortened "Tiger" to "Tig" and added her to our feline family.
      BJ was Ravenpaw's brother... Generally grouchy and complaining (hence the moniker 'Nasty Cat') she has claimed the dog house and rocking chairs as 'her territory.' She also likes to sneak in open car windows and nap in the back.

BJ (nicknamed 'Boojer') was a black and white kitty with a heart murmur and was a bit more lethargic than his brother, Ravenpaw. Boojer liked a good life, with all the kitty chow he wanted and lots of feline siblings to play with. He went missing in October 2010, but never being the adventerous type we don't think he ventured far away from the house enough to become coyote food. Rather, we believe he knew his time had come and went off somewhere quiet. Always a sweet and affectionate kitty, Boo will be missed.

First Farm's official greeter - Fluffy dog. Fluffy - We're sorry to report that Fluffy passed in July 2009 at the age of 11.  Fluffers, Flufferwoofelupogus, Puppy Girl, Woofels never made any effort to even discourage her human big sister from harassing her, showing extreme tolerance.

A good 'varmit' dog, Fluffy would warn us immediately if a 'possum, 'coon, squirrel or unknown cat ventured on the property.   Dubbed 'Princess Fluffina' by a five-year-old guest, she also ensured the cats got plenty of exercise, the girls more than the boys.  

Fallen victim to bone cancer, Fluffy passed in July 2009. We miss her.

Sara loves the hot tub cover. Sara was a beautiful long-haired white cat, but was really neurotic. She would rub all over you and beg for attention, then bite or claw without notice.   She came wandering in through the fields and discovered where we feed the other cats in the milk house. Sara never claimed to belong to us or anybody, but she returned to the milk house on a regular basis.

Jake - the wonder cat.

Jake - In 2005, the orange and white kitty of a thousand names, who ended up dubbed Jake by a five-year-old guest of that name, disappeared at two. He had walked in on his own little paws and managed to elude Fluffy, who would run off or kill any animals that didn't belong on the property. Once she understood that Jake was a welcome addition and began to tolerate him, it was particularly funny to watch him rub up against her leg affectionately.

Casey - the most beautiful cat in the world. Casey, a rubber kitty who would stretch out upside down and purr, was a Maine Coon mix from the Boone County Animal Shelter. The most beautiful kitty in the world disappeared in the heat wave of July 2006. He'd been a big investment of both effort and expense: Close encounters with predators had left him with a broken tail ($250 in vet bills), and a shoulder abscess ($80) not to mention all the effort expense it took to get him healthy and growing when he came to us as a tiny little ball of fluff. One newlywed couple spent an entire afternoon laying on the dinning room floor playing with him when he was a sickly, but very cute fluffy kitten.
      Casey loved to snuggle and was particularly fond of canteloupe. Whenever we prepared canteloupe for breakfast, he sat and demanded that Tom Tiger - never met a lap he didn't like. we give him some of it.

Tom Tiger was the big fat lovey kitty who sat on the front porch, purring and kneading anyone who'd join him. He would mosey to the barn to get pets when people were grooming horses. Tom also disappeared in 2006 during the 90+ degree temperatures. We suspect keeping Fluffy in the air conditioning prevented her from patrolling her territory to deter the coyotes. Tom evidently hadn't had cat Minnie Kitty - part Siamese, part Tiger. food before arriving here, so he ate at the dog dish if the cat food bowl was empty.

Skinny little Minnie kitty, a beautiful Siamese-tiger mix, adopted from a Cincinnati cat shelter, had medical problems that made her health deteriorate. We had her put down in 2005 before winter would have made her even more miserable.

2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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