First Farm Inn - A Unique Cincinnati Bed and Breakfast

easy breakfast recipes and healthy food are featured in Easy Food from First Farm Inn - click to see larger picture For years, bed and breakfast guests have asked for copies of recipes they enjoyed at First Farm Inn Kentucky. Now this 150-page cookbook offers good-for-you, tasty and easy breakfast recipes, as well as lunch and dinner recipes in a handy ring-notebook format.

Visitors at this Kentucky bed and breakfast enjoy fresh, homemade breakfast fare whether they're getting ready to ski all day at Perfect North Slopes, ride horses at First Farm Inn, hike the rolling hills of the Cincinnati Zoo or just wander through the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum or Cincinnati Museum Center. Our easy breakfast recipes provide guests with a healthy food alternative.

Wish it was easier to eat healthy food?

Want to spend less on food?

Concerned about how many "color-enhancers," preservatives and other unnecessary chemicals you're feeding your self and your More fruit, less sugar means healthy food in a First Farm Inn breakfast dish - click to see a larger picture family?

Not sure how to start cooking at home?

Don't like "fussy" recipes with hard-to-find ingredients you've never heard of?

Invest $12 on Easy Food from First Farm Inn and you'll have an easy-to-read cookbook with basic directions on setting up a kitchen for minimal investment.Quick, easy recipes with "normal" ingredients you can find at any grocery. Tips on avoiding accumulating too many space-consuming gadgets vs. valuable extras for your kitchen.

Know how to cook, but just like to try new recipes?

Jen modifies traditional recipes and those shared by guests to include more Fresh flowers and greenery add to our interior environments.  Look around your yard, neighborhood or local park for interesting plants and seeds that will add color and contrast to bouquets.  Historically, women have used everything from bright green osage oranges to bowls of unshelled nuts and fruit to decorate their homes. fruit, less sugar and more fiber without significantly altering the flavor and texture

Easy Food from First Farm Inn recipes offer details for the inexperienced cook with tips on reducing dirty dishes, the bane of cooking at home.

Easy Food from First Farm Inn recipes are modified to increase fiber and reduce sugar while maintaining old fashioned taste and texture.

Send your friends a First Farm Inn cookbook with an invitation to join you for a relaxing retreat just outside Cincinnati at this award-winning bed and breakfast.

Shipping & handling is $5.00. Kentucky 6 percent sales tax is $.72. Send a check for $17.72 to:

First Farm Inn
2510 Stevens Road
Idlewild, Ky 41080

Or you can purchase one directly from our PayPal account and get it shipped out within 2 business days.
2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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