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"This was a wonderful way to spend our 10th anniversary.   I thought I was doing this for my bride, but I've fallen in love all over again with her and your beautiful animals. Thank you for redeeming 23 years of horse-phobia. You will surely see us again. God bless you all." - Louisville, KY

Riding Lesson at First Farm Inn

We ride year-round. Just call to set up a time (859) 586-0199 or make a reservation. Spring and fall offer optimum weather.  Summer rides can be shady and comfortable because we've trimmed trees all around the farm and created paths through the woods.  While few think of winter as a good time to ride, if you've never bundled up and ridden horses in the moonlight reflected off snow, you're missing an unforgettable experience.

Arrange riding in advance.  You may bring peppermints, carrots or apples as treats if you'd like.  Overnight boarding is available.

Riding Attire

For your comfort and safety, it is best to wear straight-legged jeans and hard-soled shoes or boots with a heel to ride.  On your upper body, wear whatever fits the weather, assuming you will get at least dusty and covered with horse hair during the grooming process.  No one will be permitted to ride in shorts.  Baggy pants, sweats, tight low-cut jeans, etc. will cause you discomfort.

If you have your own riding helmet and riding attire, of course, bring it.  We have helmets of various sizes for those who don't have their own.  Very confining sports bras are advisable.  Remember sunscreen in the summer, long underwear, warm socks and gloves in the winter.

Ladies - a supportive bra is extremely necessary for your comfort.   You will be miserable in a tube top or spaghetti-strap shirt with a "built-in" bra.   Some riders wear two bras on top of each other for additional support.

Please, no high heels – particularly no spike-heeled boots.   If you don’t have something that looks like a cowboy boot, just wear sports shoes.

"Thanks to all of you for making our first anniversary a great retreat!   It was a great first horse riding experience for Jesse, and Stormy and I became great friends!   The massages were amazing and everything was the best! " - Florence, KY

2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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