First Farm Inn - A Unique Cincinnati Bed and Breakfast

We had a wonderful time on our vacation – first one without our children. Dana’s directions were great. Enjoyed riding through the hills. Had a lot of fun fishing, caught 12 fish the second day. It was awesome being that close to the horses. Your home is very beautiful. Enjoyed the hot tub too. The food was wonderful. (Michgan)

Thank you for the lovely down home accommodations. The horseback rdie is something we will always remember as one of our honeymoon adventures. I’m sure we’ll let our friends know about the little inn with the horses, the dog, the cats , the barn, the geese; everything that makes it unique. (Bloomington, IN)

I can only echo the sentiments of ALL the guests and repeat their compliments! We had an incredibly fulfilling and relaxing weekend with you – what a FINE way to celebrate my 50th birthday. I loved riding Stormy and walking all around the property. And Dana, your piano talent is so inspiring. (Indianapolis, IN)

Thank you for a thoroughly relaxing two days. The girls fell into friendship so quickly and easily. Your patient teaching with my little horse-lover was wonderful. I’m sure the time spent on your beautiful, thoughtful farm will be a lasting treasured memory for both of us. (Cincinnati, OH)

Thank you for the wonderful stay, the excellent breakfasts and especially the horse ride! All you need is a flock of (tame) ducks to make it feel like my grandma’s farm when I was a little girl. We’ll be back and be requesting Stormy & Sam. (Cincinnati, OH)

Our first “sisters” trip has been a wonderful experience at First Farm. How many place in the world offer horseback riding and a hot tub? They go “hand-in-hand”! We’ll have to make a return trip for the massage! Thank you fro allowing us to share your home. Having the time to relax, refocus and just “sitting” and pondering has truly been a blessing. Those hills will forever be in our memories and we’ll take a piece of Kentucky back home! Ginger and Shadow are recommended to all! Fluffy is just a wonderful pet – so calm and accepting to all! We wish your family a blessed life with many tales to tell when you are relaxing in your rockers years from now. The breakfasts have been magnificent. Thank you for giving us a great start each day! (Mississippi and Florida)

Thank you for the lovely breakfast (very delicious), very pleasant room, rich with history and nostalgia and the fun and educational horseback riding experience! You are a patient and attentive instructor! We hope the years ahead bring you peace and prosperity. (Kentucky)

"Thanks for the much-needed break from reality and routine. Everything was great – especially the riding experience. We have both wanted to ride for 45 years each! Can’t imagine why we waited so long!" (Loveland, OH)

"We really enjoyed the horses and all the things we learned about them...and hope to come back again." (Tipton, MI)

"From the moment Fluffy came trotting over to meet us, we knew we had entered a most magical world...of green lattice leaves above the hammock; the soothing sound of a Tennessee running walk on the asphalt; the lilac-ed breeze curling around the rocking chairs; the rolling canter of Peko and Seven as they tossed their manes on the evening ride; a sumptuous feast of a breakfast among wonderful companions, old and new; Dana’s artful musical compositions; Jen shuttling through it all – horsemaster, navigator, savior of animals and leaver of the light on, and a steamy, cozy hot tub, which perhaps may be the finest way to end a day, event-filled or purposefully relaxed, that there is. Thank you so much, may the wind always be at your backs." (Chicago and Philidelphia)

"Thanks for a well-needed relaxing two days – the company was great, the horses were great riding, and your great cooking. We could not have asked for a better breakfast." (Michigan)

"We really enjoyed staying here. We also enjoyed riding Sam, Bode and Ginger. And Jen, you really taught me how to not go up and down while I was trotting. Thank you." (Ohio)

We had a great time horseback riding with Bodacious, Sam and Ginger. Then the totally relaxing hot tub was serene. A late movie with the roaring hot fire and another wonderfully delicious breakfast this morning topped off our stay. We will be back and will let our friends know about you…" (Plainfield, IL)

"We enjoyed the horse riding a lot. They are an enjoyable herd -- we were entertained by their various personalities. You have a lovely B&B here. All of the animals add such a special tough. Breakfast was fabulous and with live piano music." (W. Va)

"Thank you for a wonderful time. It was everything we wanted our honeymoon to be. The horseback riding was great. Thanks for being so patient with us. The breakfasts were wonderful. You are an amazing cook. And the all over experience awesome. Hope to be back…" (Aurora, IN)

"Thank you for such a lovely relaxing time. Especially thanks for keeping me alive during our horse ride…Ginger has a special place in my heart…" (Cincinnati)

"We loved it here. There is a calming presence about your farm which is evident by all your 'welcoming' animals! and your delightful hospitality. Breakfast was beautiful, elegant and delicious…This is a wonderful gift you give to others. Thanks for your patience during our horseback lesson. I'll have to come back so I can perfect my skills!!" (Cincinnati)

"What a blessing to have met you and enjoy your home! You're a sweet family and we enjoyed our relaxing time here. Thank you for the great breakfast, horse ride and making our stay great!" (Collinsville, OK)

"Thank you for the incredible stay. It was everything we hoped for -- actually more -- I never really expected to enjoy the horse riding! Thank you for your patience and encouragement. We loved the breakfasts and all of your hospitality. Elizabeth insists she can sleep in the barn and stay here until school starts!" (Sterling, VA)

"Sam (horse) is a good boy! Had a fantastic time. Ooh and the food…awesome!" (Boise, Idaho)

Sam loves a good joke Riding in the woods Hallie on Sage Bodie plays Santa Horse
2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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