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Bode, the gentle giant at First Farm Inn.


Bodacious (Bode)Bodacious (Bode) is a registered Spotted Draft. Though he looks larger, he’s only 16 hands and about 1,500 pounds. He used his size to intimidate previous owners - seven in his first six years! His coloring, bright orange spots on white, is called tobiano. His mother was a paint and his sire was a Belgian, who could have been 16" taller and 500 pounds heavier than he is. Bode knows he's a big boy, but is willing to do what is asked of him. A sensitive guy, he's had some dressage training and appreciates a well-balanced rider who doesn't slip sideways on his round back.

Bodie is the king of the herd of horses at First Farm Inn.


Koda is a dunn-colored Mustang gelding, more than 20 years old and 13.2 hands, that we bought at Christmas 2012 in hopes of replacing Sage. The white marks under his mane are his Bureau of Land Management brand. Shortly after he joined the herd, he and Bode began discussing herd leadership, demonstrating that size has nothing to do with it!

Sundance is just one of the horses you can meet at First Farm Inn


Blue Romeo I said I'd never have another three-year-old on the farm again, but Blue Romeo convinced me to bring him home from London, Ky. in August 2008. He's a fairly rare "blue" roan, with black and white hairs intermixed (that won't fade to white as the majority of grays do.) A Morgan/Quarter Horse cross, he's now 15 hands tall and about 1,000 pounds, several inches taller and several hundred pounds heavier than he was when we brought him home. 

The family of rodeo riders who raised him wanted him to be a barrel racing horse, but he's too low key for that. He came to us with the best manners and training of any horse we've ever bought. He did, however, have a scar from an ill-fitting saddle.

A very sweet people-oriented horse, Romeo would sometimes rather hang out with people than the other horses. His beautiful head-set and carriage make him look very regal as he learns dressage.

Sundance is just one of the horses you can meet at First Farm Inn


Sundance A solid bay Quarter Horse / Arabian cross, Sundance was raised by a friend of a friend. She trail rode him, used him for lessons and showed him. She sold him, then bought him back.

When he returned at 14, with all his ribs showing, he had become a "cribber." Cribbing is an obsessive-compulsive disorder prevalent in Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds, often prompted by anxiety or the boredom of being left in a stall. He braces his teeth against wood and sucks air, making an odd noise. It creates endorphins and becomes an addictive behavior. While some products claim to stop cribbing, nothing works for Sundance, including hot sauce where he wants to put his lips.

Sunny is a good horse for beginners. He is very laid back, prefers to follow the others at a very low-key pace. At 15.2 hh and nearly 1,000 pounds, he can carry a rider up to 200 pounds. It took Sundance about eight weeks to understand the concept of candy, now he nickers and begs for it after every ride.

Buster is just one of the horses you can meet at First Farm Inn


Buster - Buster Brown is a 13-year-old Percheron-Throughbred cross who has done dressage, trail riding and jumping. At 16.3 hh, he's our tallest horse, tho Bode still outweighs him with his Belgian heritage. Buster is to be Jen's dressage horse, tho Bode won't be ignored. This big chocolate brown guy thinks he's a kitten and absolutely LOVES attention and people.

Weaned at 4 days old because his mom was a nurse-mare for Thoroughbreds around Lexington, Buster was bottle fed by a rescuer. Awkward and gangly, he was sold at two to a local woman who provided him with great training, care and attention for 11 years until health problems forced his sale. Thank goodness her primary concern was that he come to a good home! Tho he carries himself like royalty, he's not assertive in the herd. He thinks he's a kitten and wants to crawl into your pockets and hunt for treats!

If you are interested in offering a home to a horse, especially one who isn't perfect, please let us know. We are constantly offered horses, many of whom have health problems or behavioral "issues." We attempt to place as many as we can in caring, reliable, safe homes. They're great lawn ornaments! There are also many services that place unwanted Thoroughbreds or abused horses.
2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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