First Farm Inn - A Unique Cincinnati Bed and Breakfast

"This is definitely a wonderful place to 'chill.'   The girls had an absolute wonderful time horseback riding.   Thanks so much for lending of your horses so that their horses could have a break!   Speaking of them, Buckeye and Riley seemed very comfortable in your barn.   Their accommodations were great & Your home 'hugged' us for the weekend!" - Cincinnati

      We require all horses staying with us to have been wormed within the last six weeks and to be current on Coggins, vet checks and vaccinations for West Nile, Potomac Fever, Eastern & Western sleeping sickness, tetanus & flu.
A big horse ride at First Farm Inn.       It is best to target your arrival between 3-6 p.m. anticipating delays as we've had many arrive from midnight to 4 a.m. If you want to get an early start, we can provide a brown bag breakfast of fruit and breads and directions for the coffeemaker. From 7 a.m. or later, you can have a full breakfast.
      We have added four stalls and two run-ins to our old wooden tobacco barn, built in the 1870s. The stalls are large and well ventilated, bedded with shavings. There are bucket hooks and feed boxes each stall. The lower five feet is wooden, with boards spaced less than 2" apart. The top is extruded metal, capped with safety strips. There is at least one light in each stall and a water spigot across from the tack room.
      If you are traveling with a single horse, we can allow one or more of our horses to stay in the run-in, as a visible companion. If you prefer to let your horses move a bit more while you spend the night with us, they can stay in the grass riding arena. It has board fence on two sides and white-coated Australian high tensile wire on the other two. We usually keep a water tank in there. The gate is past the house, across from the school-bus turnaround. We do not have facilities for campers.
      As you turn down Stevens Road, watch for other vehicles. The road is barely wide enough for two large vehicles to pass. Should you see one, simply stop and wait for it to back into a driveway or go around you. During the school year (mid-Aug. to mid-May), do not start down Stevens at exactly 7 or 8 a.m. or 3 or 4 p.m. or you are likely to meet the school bus.
      If you have a delay, please let us know as soon as possible. We have schedules that we have rearranged to meet you at your prearranged arrival times. Have a safe and surprise-free trip!

"Very much enjoyed our stay at your beautiful home.   Thank you for sharing good information about horses.   We'd love to learn more from you and certainly will be back again to explore the area when we have more time.   Great filling breakfasts too.   There is something special, even virginal about this place, a great way to grow up." - Marysville, MI

2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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