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Romantic Surprises

Have a stretch limo pick you up for dinner. Plan a unique and memorable engagement, anniversary or surprise celebration at First Farm Inn. Here are some creative, romantic ideas to start you thinking:

  • Take your cat-loving fiancĂ© out to swing on the porch. Give us a heads up and we'll pre-dress whomever is the porch cat of the hour with an elastic collar with your ring looped through it.

  • On a moon lit night, enjoy an elegant dinner at Tousey House before returning to First Farm Inn. Then hike down to the pond and take the row boat or paddle boat out and pop the question. Return to your room to pick up champagne glasses.

  • Bring a picnic -- the French version with wine, cheese, bread and fruit, or stop by the great delis at Remkes or Krogers just four miles from First Farm Inn for sushi, fried chicken or whatever looks good at the time. Ask for an extra deli container to put the ring inside. Wrap each container with a ribbon in her favorite color. Bring a blanket or tablecloth to set up in a location you've pre-selected in the pasture, woods or along the pond. Hike to your spot carrying your basket or cooler. Let her help you untie the bows and unpack the surprises.

  • Watch the horses graze under the sunset from the swing. Just as the sun goes down, pop the question and open the box. Melt into your cozy queen-sized bed.

  • Chocolate lovers: Remove a ring-sized piece from a box of her favorite chocolates, put the diamond or anniversary ring in its place and rewrap the box. We'll present it however you'd like when we give you a house tour. Then it's up to you when and where you insist that she open it.

  • Black tea or coffee lovers? Suggest a relaxing cup of tea or coffee and drop the ring in the cup before you deliver it to her.

  • Come back from skiing at Perfect North Slopes with your discounted tickets from First Farm Inn and get ready to go out for a great dinner at Tousey House, Whiskeys, or Acapulcos. Hand her the pair of thick new socks you've brought for her with the ring secreted away in the toe. Or wait until after dinner and you've returned to your room and begun to talk about skiing the next day. Then remember the present you brought to help keep her warm the rest of her life! Vary this idea with new gloves the morning before you plan to ski, etc.

  • Autumn is her favorite season? Like playing in the leaves? We'll make a leaf pile that you can toss her into. You'll jump in too and pull from your pocket as if you found it in the leaves, a tiny box with her name on it.

  • Like snuggling in the big hammock? We'll put your box into a pocket in the hammock pillow and she can figure out why its lumpy. (Your combined weight must be less than 350 pounds.)

  • Weather's bad? No time to plan? Leave us the gift box and we'll put it between the pillows when we make the bed, or turn the bed down and put it under his or her pillow.

  • Plan a private ride and we'll braid the jewelry into the mane of the horse she will ride so she discovers it while shes grooming. Your horse will stand right beside hers so you'll see her entire reaction! Then you decide to continue the ride or not.
The possibilities are endless. Other ideas? Need help getting the details together? Call us.
Memorable engagements at First Farm Inn:
  • One young suitor proposed on the porch swing at First Farm Inn Kentucky in the moonlight under the canopy of 200+-year-old trees. At breakfast the next morning, the young woman wasn't wearing the ring. Concerned that she's said no, I was horrified when another excited guest (informed of the upcoming big event) asked about the engagement. "The ring didn't fit," was the response, to my relief.

  • Another engagement was more complex. Guests rode First Farm Inn horses to a wooded location in a back pasture, pre-selected by the potential groom where a picnic cooler, blanket and box containing his pet rabbit had been secluded. After they dismounted and I left to return the horses to the barn, he laid out the picnic, poured the champagne and let the bunny, who had a diamond ring on a ribbon around his neck, out to visit. She said yes, but then got paged and had to return to the hospital to perform an emergency surgery and they left with the bunny and all, unable to spend the night as originally planned!
2510 Stevens Road Petersburg, KY 41080  -  (859-586-0199 please call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. E.S.T.)
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